Television covered wagon lamp, with image of Mt. Rushmore.  Circa 1958
   Abraham Linkoln Hall, vaudeville entertainer's trunk, with photographs, lucky charms, and a mirror.  1920s
   Elvis Presley handbag.  Circa 1963
  Mourning badge with tintype portrait of Abraham Lincoln. 1865
   Southern church fans, one with an image of Rev. Martin Luther King. Circa 1965
   Ansel   Adams: Hills Brothers coffee can with wraparound image of Yosemite. 1969
   Puzzle with Hollywood starlet Susan   Heyward   (after a photograph by George Hurrell). Circa 1958
   Victorian gilt wedding altar inset with a photograph of an amorous couple. Circa 1900
   World War I-period curiosity with original photograph of a nun, cross,  photogram and handwritten notations. Circa 1918
   Hand painted glass egg with original photograph of a couple. 1880s
   Whiskey bottle with portrait of newlyweds set against a die cut pastoral background. 1880s
   Photo display made of cigarette wrappers and inset with 4 family portraits. Circa 1970
   Reworked period broom adorned with a vintage tintype and fabric by artist Elaine Hunstman. 1880s-1990s
   Shadow box with tintypes of the Kimball Family set against contemporary batik fabric.  1880s-1990s
   Period Chinese altar piece with hand-tinted portrait of a woman with bound feet.  1890s
   Boy George handbag.  Circa 1985
   Venetian-style child's purse with an albumen portrait. Circa 1861
   American NBA-style kaftan and shorts, with collage of athletes.  Circa 1990
   Montage of Gordon Parks by Morris Lane on pajama top and bottom. Circa 1994
   Touch phone with images of friends and family members. Circa 1970
   Child's pillow case highlighted with cyanotypes. Circa 1895
   Laurie Simmons dessert plate and saucer.  2004
   TWA cocktail tray.  Circa 1968
   Chanel pendant with an original photograph. Circa 1970
   Cuff links with celluloid photographs of a baby. 1910s
   Woman's   vinaigrette   (which generally contained smelling salts), inset with an ambrotype of a gentleman. 1850s
   Darning or embroidery item inset with tintype photograph of a mariner and ornamented with ivory. 1870s
   Buttons highlighted with images of cats set against the score of Alley Cat. Circa 1961
   Horn with green velvet pin cushion inset with heart-shaped photographs of a man and wife.  1890s
   Nestle's alarm clock.  1960s
   Belle Epoque frame with a photograph of a can-can dancer. 1890s
   Customized sterling silver cigarette case with a montage on the inside cover shown with risque matches. 1930s-1950s
   French cigarette case with images on celluloid of an amorous couple.  1900s
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